HTML Tag and CSS Property Search Embed APIs

You can use the Embed API to embed an HTML tag search or CSS property search into your pages.



Include the following stylesheet (or any other jQuery UI theme) in your head.


Include jQuery, jQuery UI, and the Embed API in your document. It doesn't matter where they go, but jQuery must come first, then jQuery UI, then the Embed API.


HTML Tag Search

Give a form input an id of tags for an HTML tag search.

See the Pen HTML Tag Search Embed API Demo by techboyg5 (@techboyg5) on CodePen.

CSS Property Search

Or, give a form input an id of props for a CSS property search.

See the Pen WNrjKxW by techboyg5 (@techboyg5) on CodePen.

Scrollable List

You can prevent the list from overflowing by giving it a maximum height and making it scrollable. Just copy the CSS and change the height if necessary.


This example uses a Bootstrap navbar, a scrollable list, and the HTML Tag Search Embed API.

See the Pen HTML Tag Search Embed API Example by techboyg5 (@techboyg5) on CodePen.